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Children's/Mult. Char's/1st Person
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Vocal Coach

Children's/5 Char's/Upper Midwest
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British Hist. Romance/3rd person
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Newest Project:
His Sunshine Girl
by Tracy Edingfield
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Middle Grade Irish Accent 3rd Perseon
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I am an energetic and enthusiastic narrator with a friendly and knowledgeable tone that can be comforting and warm or firm and authoritative. As a trained singer and vocal coach I understand how the vocal mechanism works. This gives me solid control over my instrument which leads to flexibility in creating different characters and consistency in tone and choices throughout a long book or series.

I am passionate about connections. Connections are what make the difference between a merely adequate performance and the kind of performance that reminds us of who we are. A true connection isn't easy. It takes training, focus, and practice. Let me show you the magic that happens when there is a genuine connection to the material, the breath, the character, and the audience.


American-Midwest and Upper Midwest 

Southern - Texas (Heavy R), Deep South

British - RP, North Countries, Irish

Click on the Audible link at top to hear available book samples. (Some under pseudonym, Sarah Scullin)


About Me

When my first born was learning to read, I could tell that he was hesitating. I would point to a word and see the spark of recognition in his eyes only to hear him say he didn’t know the word. Upon closer questioning, he admitted that he was afraid to learn how to read because he thought I would stop reading to him. I quickly reassured him that I would read to him as long as he would let me. As it turned out, I read to him nightly until he was in middle school which let me hone my skills with the complete Oz series, all the Fairyland books, and many more. I’m thrilled at the chance to keep narrating now that both my kids read on their own at bedtime.

Born and raised in Kansas, I moved to the East Coast after graduating from Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS. My degree is officially a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance; Applied Theater. I moved from the Little Apple to the Big Apple and am now located in New Jersey. I've performed in a variety of venues including The Old Schoolhouse Theater on Sanibel Island and Mondo Theatre in Summit, NJ. I am the Regional Director for the NJ branch of The Yuletide Carolers. I have been coaching and teaching singers for over 20 years. There is nothing better than the feeling of finding the connection between the creator and the audience. 


Audiobook Narrator

Vocal Coach


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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